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Saturday, June 26, 2010

oh comon lets do something!!!

Seriously Its a nice day out and not fucking pouring rain and I wanna shop or at least window shop buttttttttttt noooooooooo, my mother has to be all crabby and bitchy just bcause AF came for a visit. well thats retarded. Now ive spent most of the day on BG with nothing to do and noone to hang with. Fuck sakes its summer holidays I wanna get out there and do shit instead of being stuck in this damn boring ass house.
sigh guess I could go check out whats on the television but usually there is shit all on saturdays.
all I got out of today was a booster juice and some timbits. very dissapointing, no baby here to play with fuck I need a life lol.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

needing a break

I have an almost 2 year old and believe me I do need a break from his terrible twos. I sometimes get so frustrated because he does not listen to a word I say. But you know as soon as he's gone to his dads I want him back. sigh that must be my mother instincts. Parenting is tough shit and I never would have imagined it would be this hard, it sure was a wakeup call to get my act together and be responsible.
anyways the court consent order will be done soon, we switch 2 days on and off now and a week and a week in summer which would be now because we are both done school. I dont know how i'm gonna handle not seeing him for a week but I have a strong feeling eric will want me to take him some days during his week LOL, men.
Anyways I'm just so glad miserable ass school mis done and ive gotten no calls so I've assumed I passed my classes. whew! So next year grade 11 and 12 courses! Finally. well thats all for now

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

can you SHUT UP

Okay little sister really, what pisses me off most is when i'm talking and you with your big FAT mouth tell me to shut up. Really? i'm soo fucking tired of your wining and bitching. Also on that note stop swearing around my son. FFS he is very impressionable at the age of 2. Do you need a smack upside the head to get it?
I know you are 15 but come the fuck on do I need to wash your mouth out with soap???

"ghetto talk"

I cannot stand people who talk like dis and be catchin each oder on dat flipside etc. and the saying back it up bitch or all this opther slang. I'm 18 I should know this stuff. Half the time I cant even keep up with the the fuck others are saying ehh this world is gonna be over run with illiterates, thats all


Welcome to my blog. This will mostly contain rants and raves because thats apparently what i'm good at lol. so hope to update this often.