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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How I became a teen mom....

Okay I'll start by warning you this is long, Very long.
It all begins in April of 2007. I was just turning 15 and in grade 9. I was introduced to this mysterious and different guy named eric by a mutual friend. So of course we talked and hung out and shortly became boyfriend and girlfriend. We started dating April 19th 2007 4 days before my 15th birthday.
I was always kind of the loner type and when he paid attention to me I felt on top of the world. Eric was always the kind of person that needed his feelings met before anyone elses, to but it bluntly he was "emo". So we quickly became serious and quickly started doing the deed if you will.

I started noticing around June 07 that he was getting demanding and picking fights over everything and anything.Foolishly I would just brush it off and move on. The fighting was constant and I would be on the phone 24/7 with him and had to say "I love you" a million times before I was let off the phone. Other things that hinted at his controlling nature were that he would always have to know where I am, even if it was so much as me shopping with my mother.

Fastforward to September 07 He proposed to me yes with a real ring, not a vending machine ring. I said yes, it was magical. That same month I went back to school and still being mind fucked clinged onto eric day and night. This is also around the time I decided "hey a baby would be just what I need to make me happy" and I convinced him to ttc. After the first month didnt work I got my period on October 6th 2007. I remember the date because Eric had begged me to go see resident evil with him.

All I remember is being cramped up in an rediculously uncomfy theatre chair. And that would be my last period for nearly a year.
Mid October 2 of Eric's Aunties dies by a head on collision on the highway. Needless to say he was devastated. I came over to comfort him, That is the night Erimas was conceived.
I remember it being November 5th,(The day my period was supposed to show up) here I am sitting in math class going to the bathroom every 15 minutes to check if I had started bleeding yet. "goes to the bathroom, checking undies. Is anything there? nope. Shit! I better not be pregnant"

By that time I realized I had made a huge mistake. I didnt want to be pregnant I'm only 15!!! On the 7th I went with eric and a friend to the local drug store I got a rockstar energy drink and a pregnancy test, boy did that look odd. Got back to his house sure enough after 10 seconds after dipping it in a cup of urine it was a clear positive.
I was elated I was full of emotions, Holy shit! would have been the strongest one.
Eric was undecisive. He wanted me to abort. Guess what I said.... FUCK NO! This is my baby and I'm in it for the long haul.

after telling my mom (which was not very fun) she was pissed as she should have been. But soon enough by the time I was 5 weeks pregnant she was already buying baby stuff. Eric and my mother never got along. She knew he was controlling me, hell even I knew it! I wasnt ready to break it off just because of my mom.

Ill leave off right here and finish the rest tommorow. I'm tired and my eyes are kinda getting blurry.

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