Thursday, July 15, 2010

mother effin paypal.

seriously paypal if you are gonna charge me for shit I didnt subscribe to, and say you refunded me but you know I have yet to see my 20$ magically appear in my bank account.
Im going to assume it will take a while to deposit into my bank so ive concluded I shall have some patience. we will see. Believe me I will raise hell. Yes its only 20 dollars but money is money MY MONEY. anyways,
today I got a new bathroom reader which is epic.

So that may take some stress off of that little situation. I could have gotten a canadian one but I figure, well canada isnt THAT interesting so I settled for the 12 addition. seriously these books are full of random tidbits and stories of dumb crooks silly laws and unusual stories. Im gonna just go ahead and reccomend a few.

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