Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A lonely week

Starting last sunday, my ex and I have started alternating one week on one week off with Erimas. This week is Erics, I never knew it would be so hard and heart breaking to let him go for a week I'm 3 days in and ready to cry.
I miss my son I want him here. I know I like breaks from him but I just dont know how to deal throught this aspect of knowing I wont see him till sunday.

I was not prepared neither mentally nor physically. I swear I feel depressed, I know I know its only a week but he is my baby! my little bubs, I guees thats just a natural response though. Unless you are some crack addicted hooker that doesnt give two shits. But seriously I'm just finding it hard to find something usefull to do. Ive spent the mojority on the internet of course but really I'm spent, tired and just longing to hold erimas and hear all about the "choo choos" sigh 4 more days

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